Wednesday, 13 April 2011


On Monday I had a thoroughly productive meeting with Joe about my ideas for the event, the meaning behind it, what I wanted to achieve by doing the event and of course his thoughts on the layout of the exhibition space.

So, to summise:

1. The meaning behind the events:
Relative to my research and exploration of making better use of spaces, I wanted to offer a range of alternative space utilising solutions to take my theme to another level.

2/3. In doing the events I want to highlight not only the potential of the space but also my potential as a production manager, and the skills of those involved. It's all a bit of productive PR at the end of the days guys, so if you want to blog about the events or you have any connections now is the time to start letting people know!!

4. Essentially I want to create an exhibition from the work accumulated over the course of the week, so in order to effectively do this Joe is helping me to design a considered hanging system. This means that as the work goes up it will be highlighted each day. -Sketches to follow. In addition to this we felt that there needed to be a method of story-telling associated with each of the exhibits so that all of the hard work of those involved was not lost in the process, and so we are also working on a series of info-graphics that will relate to the 'Fail Yards/Surplus Purpose' theme.

Moving on from here I will need to gather everyone so that we can discuss the event and everyone can meet each other considering you will all be the driving force behind the week!

From everyone I will need a bio about yourselves and your work, and we will also need to discuss the briefs for your intended workshops, how many people you would allow in each workshop, what materials you will require and some other things like your shoe size and apparel sizes. But I will do this individually with each of you.

-Remember if you have any queries, questions, or just want to post something you find helpful please just go ahead.

Jah Bless.

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