Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Guys, as you may or may not know FAIL YARDS is my final third year project. (See failyards.tumblr.com)

In the simplest terms, Fail Yards aims to creatively challenge the nature of a space and how it could be more constructively pursued.

To bring some exposure to the project I decided to create a week of events designed to show how an ordinary gallery space could be utilised into an interactive workspace, performance space, and exhibition space. The Gallery we will be using is New Gallery in Peckham. (see here New Gallery)

You may think it odd that I have chosen to curate this event in an already established gallery space, considering the aim of the project was to look at unused sites or derelict sites.
Many considerations have gone into this decision, for example the rules and regulations around involving the public in projects in spaces like those mentioned were difficult to overcome from a health and safety perspective. Secondly the locations and cost of securing venues meant that obtaining more grand locations were beyond my means. New Gallery posed a simple solution, a gallery that has recently been refurbished, built in the place of a derelict site on the side of a housing estate. In itself it is a prime example of a space that has made better use of a derelict site instead of opting for a highly predictable venue in the more metro art districts of east or west London. Ill.

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