Tuesday, 12 April 2011


At current there are 3 key people that are helping me to curate this event that you should know about:

Joe Deen
Joe is an experienced designer in the field of building and making stuff. Very well. A graduate of CSM and generally Hectic. He is my right hand man in the planning of the space. He will be on hand to help with the overall layout of the space and will be designing a system to hang work daily at the end of each workshop.

Maria Paulina Socarras
Maria is a Music expert- she will lie to you and try to be modest about this, but believe me, she's got the knowledge. She will be responsible for custom designing the musical set-lists for each day of the workshops, and they will be inspired by the activities going on. In addition to this she will be writing a review for each of the workshops, so she may be interviewing some of you about your experiences. -She is not yet aware of how important her role is. Haha!

Lucy Alper
Lucy is our main contact at the New Gallery. She has hooked me up with a bloody great space and she is sound as a pound. Any questions that may be raised RE location, regulations, or generally anything that I can't answer she will help us with. Booyah.

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