Wednesday, 27 April 2011


First let me thank everyone that came to the meeting today, I know some of you travelled far to be here!
A reminder of what we covered today:

Anju, Kiran, Alex.

We discussed the designers bringing in some of their own collections to contribute to the gallery and also act as an example of what the participants may strive to create.

Preliminary ideas for the fashion workshops include:
Fashion illustration, - creating a template for the participants and giving a theme to design an ensemble around.
Batik, tie-dye, exploding dye, customising and regenerating garments.
Embellishing garments, Pattern cutting.

Final outcomes to contribute to the gallery may include customised garments, pattern sheets, and sketches.

Equipment that we may need includes: Batik kits, -wax, melting pots, safety gloves, fabric, pattern paper, scissors, dyes, vats/tubs, a washing station, drying station, pins, mannequins, and possibly other stuff.

Chris Elliott & Co.

The workshop will comprise of customising items such as skateboard decks, bags and other similar objects. The day will potentially be split into 3 separate sessions, broken down into sketches and ideas, deck preparation, and painting.
Chris will have backup from others throughout the course of the day.

Equipment that we may need includes: Poscas, inks, pens, spray-paint, acrylic and enamel paint, pencils, paper, transfer paper, electric belt sander, varnishes/laquers/finishers, bolts, screws, work tables, and other materials to design with.

Additional notes..
Matt has a link for printing in Liverpool that is mega cheap (£1 - Colour A0!!!)
Jonathan of the V-Jaying session will me meeting me on monday and giving me the low down.
Everyone needs to have their Bio's for me by Weds 4th May, -for those of you not present I will discuss this with you in the week.
And also everyone needs to start thinking about a what the brief for each of their workshops will be so that we can clearly define to the participants what they can expect from each of the workshops.

Yagga Yo.

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