Monday, 2 May 2011


Today has been a highly productive day in terms of moving plans forward and solidifying workshops. I met with Jonathan and Taz, two highly talented musicians, dj's, vj's, designers, artists, basically there is not much they can't do, at Taz's office. (It's fucking cool, pictures to follow...)

To clarify what we have discussed:

The workshop will be quite an intense hands on experience. To begin with a demo of the basic principles of VJing techniques and tools will be given by Jonathan and Taz. Depending on how the brief develops they may also give a short tutorial on the basics of scratching. This will help the participants to fine-tune their mixes and get a little more creative. This will also help the participants to build an idea of what they can accomplish in the long-run but also give a realistic breakdown of what they can hope to achieve from the days activity.
Each participant will require the use of a Laptop so as to individually create a data-base of images and to use a temporary version of the Mixing software in order to create their own mixes. Throughout the session the participants will be able to record their mixes which Taz in turn will be able to edit into a show reel for the exhibition. Depending on the ability of the participants at the end of the session, Taz and Jonathan may select the best Vj-ers of the day to VJ live at the private view! Sick shit.

In addition to this Jonathan has suggested the use of a 3D mapping projector to display the visualistations in more of a unique way. This means that the display will be visually arresting and diverse for the audience.

The suggested number of participants for the workshop is 10 people.

Technical equipment for the workshop will include:
10 X Fast laptops (Either the participants can bring their own or loan one for a small fee.)
USB Keys for the transferral of data.
2 X Projectors for educational purposes.
Screens to accompany projectors.
3D mapping prjector for the week.
Extension Cable.

Looks to be an very good workshop. Get involved.
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